We teach you how to get paid for your advice by creating an online course


You've got a great career but the older you get, the more you realize that you need a way to earn more money without working longer hours. Wouldn't you like that?

Being the guy who knows everything should mean something. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could convert your professional experience into a course that made you money while you sleep?

3 simple steps to launching your fast-selling course

Step 1

Sign Up

Register for the live training by following the button below. It’s a 3,000 Naira investment that will more than pay for itself in just a few days.

Step 2

Attend Training

Join the class for the training session. Take notes and follow along with the exercises as best you can. Watch the replay afterwards and practice.

Step 3

Launch Your Course

Create your course by following the simple steps outlined during the training session. You’ll be ready to launch your course within a few days.


After attending the training you will finally

This training offers you simple and practical steps that guide you toward launching your online course and start selling them immediately.

I've been where you are

Having so much knowledge and being a resource for friends, family and clients can be frustrating when you keep repeating the same thing and not knowing how to scale your knowledge. Being at the point where you need to monetize your knowledge but not having the resources or training to do so can be overwhelming. I know how you feel and I know how to help you.

Case studies

a few people we helped

Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze
Chioma Ifeanyi-Eze@accountinghub.ng
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They needed to scale beyond 1000 attendees to their live courses. We provided the guidance needed to make that happen. Now they're looking forward to hosting up to 10,000 students during their live courses.
Dominion City Lagos
Dominion City Lagos@dominioncitylagos
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During the lockdown, they needed to keep running their foundation school for new believers and members. We instructed them on how they could make this happen and also helped them to create an online exam for their final assessments.

It would be my honor to guide you on your journey towards creating and launching your online course. I offer simple and practical steps that won’t confuse you. In the end, you will be able to replicate the steps during your future launches.


Get our 5-step guide to setting up your course website

Learn how to get your course website ready in 5 easy steps

Expand your revenue streams

Position yourself as an authority or thought leader – For us freedom-based entrepreneurs, creating a signature course is like publishing a book for an author. It puts a spotlight on your expertise and authority.


Worried about how to pay? There are 2 methods.

Silicon Street Services, Access Bank, Acct. No. 0045017699 then send an email to admin@designcourseacademy.com


Frequently asked questions

It is a course which offers you simple and practical steps toward launching your online course.

The short answer is because they’ve got a problem, they want to solve it — You’ve launched the course.

Maybe they want to learn how to get back into peak shape — You’ve launched the course.
Maybe they want to learn how to cook healthy meals on a limited budget — You’ve launched the course.
Maybe they want to learn how to have a better relationship with their kids — You’ve launched the course.

This Course teaches anyone how to convert their knowledge into an online course, using very simple readily-available free tools that are easily-accessible to them, without having to learn any complex programming.

It is a beginner-level course and will have zero programming terminologies.

The Course holds on Saturday, 27th February 2021, from 7pm to 10pm.

The class will be recorded; so even if you couldn’t attend or had poor internet connectivity issues, you can always rewatch the class.

The Course fee is 3,000 Naira for the first 5 days of registration, after which it moves up. Please jump in immediately. From experience, our Courses sell out very quickly. It is best you get in now. We have a fixed number of slots, after which we will stop selling.

The Course will teach the following, in the 3-hour class:

  • How to choose your compelling topic
  • How to find out if anyone will buy your course
  • How to sell your course
  • How to create your teaching outline
  • How to make simple slides from your outline
  • How to get paid for your online course using simple tools
  • How to present your live course
  • How to record your course for future students
  • 10 very practical presentation tips to help you improve your online course, help you raise more funds during your live course, and make more sales after your live course ends.

The class will teach you to launch your online courses using both your phone and your laptop.

However, every student is advised to eventually seek to own a laptop; as creating online courses on a phone has certain restrictions, especially when the use of slides becomes necessary.

So, even if you have just a phone, you can join the class, watch and implement using your phone.

  • You have the urge to assist people to solve their problems
  • You are called upon regularly to fix things
  • Your friends consider you a resource and depend on you for answers
  • You have been engaged in your industry for over 1 year and have one thing you can explain clearly
  • You need an extra stream of income that does not require repeat effort
  • You are looking forward to running a business from home
  • You are looking for freedom from a 9-to-5
  • You have been dreaming of launching an online course for a while but don’t know how
  • You are not sure if your knowledge is valuable
  • You are currently employed and are looking forward to leaving it for your own business
  • You don’t have the patience to teach people
  • You feel threatened by sharing your knowledge
  • You already have an online course that is making above average sales
  • You aren’t looking forward to running your own business
  • You don’t think launching an online course is something you want to do.

It will hold virtually as a live class. Immediately you purchase, you will receive the link to access to the training room. It is a 3-hour class that will be recorded. You can re-watch the class after the live class.

Yes, you can purchase for multiple people. Just either register for them or email admin@designcourseacademy.com and let us know how many people you like to purchase for. We will guide you with making bulk payments. You only need to send their names and respective email addresses.

The Founder of Design Course Academy, Dr. Adaberemchi Aja-Onu (BSc OD DISM) will be teaching. 

Adaberemchi’s is ‘a walking business-tech solutions genius’. He teaches in the most exciting and relatable way. His class usually ends up with tons of positive reviews. 

His summarized Resume is included here below.

  • 20 years training experience
  • 17 years software design 
  • Ex CTO, dRaX ARTS Limited
  • Skilled Biz-Tech Consultant
  • Founder, Silicon Streets
  • Odoo ERP Deployment and Training Expert
  • Lead Trainer, Design Course Academy

Honestly, you’re teaching someone something everyday, you just don’t know you are. You tell people what you don’t like? You’re teaching someone about your preferences. The ability to teach is innate in everyone. Concerning the technology, we will make it and the teaching style fit for even a 15-year old.

Everything is kept simple and easy.

The class is recorded and uploaded into a place that you can watch it anytime you wish.

You will get an email with the link to rewatch the class, after the class.

Honestly, no training course can cover all kinds of course/lesson techniques available out there. However, all knowledge can be communicated using our 5 step process. 

The Course will ensure to cover these major steps. We have included record-keeping for inventory in the Course outline.

The Course outline addresses the very core of online course creation needs. It focuses on actionable techniques that will help you to use the tools you currently have to create courses using simple steps.

Most of the available courses are teaching tools and techniques that do not take into account course creators with no budget. 

Everyone is at different levels in their setup. A woman who doesn’t own a laptop needs a syllabus that takes into account the use of her smart phone to create her course. This Course is that missing link that drills down to the simplest setup, who doesn’t have a laptop.

It is MUST-HAVE for everyone who is dreaming of launching their online course and making money doing so.


You will be able to do the following:

  1. Identify your attractive course topic
  2. Test the market acceptance of your topic
  3. Accept payment for your course
  4. Learn how to market your course
  5. Create your course outline
  6. Create your slides
  7. Generate additional revenue from your students

2 simple ways:

  1. Using a card, click any button on this page to pay. You will be charged 3000 Naira plus 7.5% VAT, totalling 3225 Naira. You do NOT need to send an email if you pay with a card. It is a 100% automatic process.
  2. OR you may prefer to pay by bank transfer. Pay to Silicon Street Services, Access Bank, Account number 0045017699. This option will cost you an extra 500 Naira administrative fee. So you get to pay 3725 Naira. After payment, please ensure to email admin@designcourseacademy.com with evidence of payment, so you can be enrolled.  You MUST send an email if you pay by transfer. It is the only way to get properly enrolled.